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Our Moving Equipment & Moving Supplies

At Perth Office Relocations, we use specialised moving equipment for all your office moving needs. All our equipment is ideal for any office move, whether small, medium or large. Using specialised moving equipment makes it easy for movers to pack, transport, and unpack your equipment and effects. Here is a list of office moving equipment that we use for a safe, time saving move:-

Moving crates


We use eco- friendly, OH&S compliant, and secure plastic crates to ensure our customers a safe and cost-effective move. All the crates we use are made from strong high density Polyethylene, which are a perfect alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes. Our reusable crates also have attached lids that interlock so that next crate can sit on top safely and securely, which saves space in truck while transporting. Files, documents, books, stationary and technical equipment can all be stored and moved in our crates.

Library trolley


We use specialised Library Trolley’s to transport book collections. The numerical order of the books can be maintained as if they were still on the shelves. The trolley’s make moving libraries quick and more efficient compared to the customary way of packing the books into crates or boxes.



At Perth Office Relocations, we provide reusable IT crates (computer crates) which are ideal for relocation an office. Our computer crates are specially designed to fit 1 complete desktop PC system (even those with 2 monitors) per crate. Each of our crate contains 2 x padded monitor bags, 1 x padded separation panel, 3 x foam void fillers and a packing instruction sheet to ensure you that your computers are completely safe while being relocated. Once the crates are packed according to the instructions, your PC will be transported securely. So, combine our outstanding crates with our relocation experience to make your office move smooth and successful.



Perth Office Relocations provides the best quality reusable computer cages which are a viable solution for moving your technical equipment, especially computers. Our computer cages are designed to relocate the large quantities of computers and hardware. Each cage comes with padded monitor and desktop covers so that all your valuable equipment can be protected. The cages are fully enclosed with three tier shelves to store multiple systems in a single cage. They have rebound rubber castors which are used to reduce any shocks that may occur during the relocation process.



Perth Office Relocations has a sturdy collection of lightweight and environment-friendly cartons or cardboard boxes. Constructed from heavy duty cardboard, our cardboard boxes are perfect for the items that require archiving or for the items that are being moved interstate or country. They come in different sizes and are custom made to fit A3 files standing upright.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and let us handle your office move safely and efficiently.