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Moving can be a hassle, especially an office moving, that’s why Perth office Relocations offers professional office relocation services as well as high-quality packing boxes and moving supplies at unbeatable prices. Whether you are moving between floors in an office block or across town we have you covered with the best prices to accommodate your budget. As we know that having the right moving boxes and packing materials will help to keep your files, documents, stationery and equipment safe while in transit.

Your One-Stop Shop for Packing & Moving Boxes in Perth

Perth Office Relocations is a Perth based company, specialized in providing moving and packing boxes as well as other packing products. For many years, we have been proudly serving Perth businesses with a wide range of moving boxes to fit their moving needs, including small, medium, and large-sized boxes. We aim to help make your move easy and stress-free as possible.

Selecting the wrong box for packing can damage your goods arriving at your new office. So, why take the risk when Perth Office Relocations is there to help you with right moving & packing boxes. We have professional-grade cardboard boxes. All our cardboard boxes are designed especially for moving. Built from high-quality cardboards, our boxes ensure durability and long life.

Moving & Packing Supplies

  • Archive box: This box has double thickness base and handles built into the sides it is perfect for all your archive needs. It is preferred to ensure the safety of expensive and essential goods.
  • Book carton: This type of packing box is ideal for transporting books, office papers, DVDs, files, and other small items. It is built with study cardboard to bear the weight of books
  • Tea chest carton: It is generally large, twin cushion packing box which is designed especially for domestic moves. It is the box, designed entirely to move the bulkier items.
  • Packing paper (5 kg): Our packing papers are ideal for packing the costly items and fill in spaces in the packing boxes.
  • Packing paper (15kg): When you have a bulk of precious things to pack, then this packing of 15kg packing paper is ideal.
  • Packing tape: It is used to close the top and bottom of boxes so that they cannot open while getting transported.
  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is the best thing to pack fragile items to be protected during moving. We have bubble wrap available in 2 sizes – 10mx50cm and 25mx50cm.
  • Packing knife: It is used to cut the packing tape or bubble wrap safely when packing or unpacking.

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